Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Reality

Its taken me a little while to get around to doing some updates around here. For the longest time, I've had this whole 'routine' here as I read my way through blog land... there are my 'must reads' that are in my recent history, then the blogs whose url's I know by heart and type in by hand, then a whole list of different blogs that are bookmarked in my 'favorites' list which also contains a whole mess of other bookmarked links, so in other words, I have this little routine of jumping around from here to there and back again. Inevitably there are a few I forget to check and doing so means I miss out on a cool giveaway or an important announcement in the life of those I follow in blogland. My list is not complete, I have a few changes and additions to make, but at least I've compiled that majority of my 'daily' (ok, they are not ALL daily reads but I do check these frequently) reads. I don't know why I put off creating/updating this list for so long, it seemed tedious, but now that it is finished, in honestly only took about 15 minutes. Please feel free to peruse this list of wonderful sites and blogs. Hopefully you'll find something new and inspiring to read!


  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my last blog post. I have been so touched with all the "good-byes." And, I'm sad. :( But thank you for reading! Drop me an email--it's in my profile.

  2. Oh, and regarding your blog reading routine: have you tried Google Reader? It is a time saver!