Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer is upon us

For me, summer doesn't mean much different from any other season. I go to work M-F, I help with our programs, I meet with clients, etc. etc.

For husband, it means being home most of the summer with our girls while fitting in 1)writing new lesson plans 2)preparing for CHWC, 3)attending a first aid/CPR course, 4)leading a week long (evening!) soccer camp, 5)being trained in 'care & prevention' (a sports injures class), & 6)a conference on using technology in the classroom. He's not exactly accustomed to his 'free' schedule yet. He's grown kind of used to a set plan for each day. He hasn't gotten to do much 'planning' for being a SAHD for the summer.

For my girls it means no daycare, fun times with daddy, and being at home.

For our family it means 1)not paying for daycare for 2 months (!!!!!!!) 2)coming up with free/inexpensive ways to spend their time 3)not draining our family's budget in the process.

Yesterday I put together a calendar for husband. It is color coded (green for zoo, blue for pool, purple & red for local libraries, black for other libraries) and lists the activities that are available this summer each day. Since our 'metropolitan library system' shares resources, many activities are duplicated from day to day, so I did my best to find the most age appropriate (not to mention most local and interesting) items for each day. They are offering TONS of great things to do (everything from plays, to storytime, toddler aerobics, art, music, movies) and most are free. A few required advanced registration, so for those I listed that information w/the phone number.

I made an additional page that includes the hours of operation for local pools (we do have access to some free pools, but since it will mostly be husband by himself, going to one that has a splash park or kiddie pool is the best option for him), indoor play areas, and libraries.

Finally listed on that page is a list of at home ideas. I divided it into two categories "indoor & outdoor" and tried to come up with a variety of ideas under each category.

The calendar is hung above our family calendar, with the extra list to the side where husband can glance when its been raining for 3 days straight, he needs an indoor activity, and shipping them into the playroom or putting on a dvd has gotten old.

This was the best way I could think of to contribute and prepare our family for the summer. I'm looking forward to finding a few more ideas, though!

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  1. Wow! I'm envious. My summer is much like, work, and more work. I remember fondly the summers I got to spend at home with our children when they were growing up. They are golden years. What a blessing that your husband gets to share that time with your children.