Monday, May 18, 2009

Another prayer request

My husband's cousin was in a car accident on Friday. It was senior day (which I am assuming means senior skip day) and he and a friend were driving around in the country. He hit a patch of gravel, his car spun out, and FLIPPED SEVERAL TIMES. Apparently he and is friend got out of the car and were wandering around aimlessly when the highway patrol came upon them, asked a few questions, assessed that he had been going 10 mph over the speped limit and gave him a ticket. Since his car was totaled, he couldn't get home and called his dad to come pick him up. His dad noticed right away that something was wrong and called a family member who is a nurse who immedicately instructed that he "lay down, not move, and call an ambulance"... afteran MRI at their local hospital, it was confirmed that there was a neck injury, so they drove him up to Wichita to a bigger hospital. There it was revealed that there was a fracture in the neck. Fortunately it was a very mild fracture and he will be wearing a neck brace for a little while, and be fine.

This young man is engaged to be married in August and has enlisted in the Navy and will be shipping out shortly after the wedding. I'm trying to find peace and not get too angry over the fact that no one from the highway patrol noticed him acting funny or offered medical evaluation.... they do not have health insurance though, and since he hasn't graduated yet or gone through training, I don't know if he is covered by the Navy.

Thanks for your prayers.

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  1. oh my goodness!!! yes yes, prayers of course! is it anyone i know from PC? i'm so upset at the way they were NOT treated! how scary for the family. so glad they will be ok though. prayers!