Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ode to Laundry Tree... GIVEAWAY! CONTEST IS OVER. Go To Comments to see winners!

Ode to Laundry Tree

Oh How I hate doing Laundry
It truly does make me ill
the towels, the shirts, the the panties
thinking of them brings a chill.

It haunts me and piles up forever
this burden I bear alone
the laundry is finished, oh never
I wish it would all leave my home.

And I have discovered a helper
Something that make this chore
My soap nuts make it much better
I do not find laundry such a bore.

And oh let me brag for a minute
about their care towards each customer.
A computer glitch caused a slight divot
and my cost of shipping did soar.

But within minutes they emailed me back
when I had problems using a discount code
Not hours or days did it take
And my shipment was soon to arrive at my abode.

A box in the mail I received
last night it was ready so fast
And oh the joy when I peeked
Some extras inside they had packed.

So now dear reader if you're still reading
a SURPRISE I have in store for you
the extra samples they sent me
I'm passing along for a lucky two.

Leave a comment at the end of this post
tell me why its laundry you hate
or if you happen to love it
tell me why you'd take it out on a date.

On Friday, June 6th I'll randomly pick
And two lucky readers will win
one 8 oz sample will do at least six
loads of laundry and then you can grin

If you're completely lost at this point
as to what a soapnut could be
then head on over to this online joint
it simply is called Laundry Tree!


  1. I love doing laundry because I find it relaxing. Folding and ironing (yes ironing) are things I do very well. My husband is really good a cooking, baking, dishes, taking out (heavy) trash, etc. Laundry is one thing I do better (helps he doesn't know how to iron)!

  2. I loathe the laundry too! It is my nemesis! I complain everytime I do it and feel it is a bottomless pit! I have tried to overcome my loathing by doing 1 small load a day as to avoid the mounds that used to pile up when I only had 1 child - now with 3, it piles up quickly! No laundry dates for me!

    I am going to check out the link right now....

    BTW- I found you via SITS!

  3. Hi - I floated over here via SITSer Island. Your laundry poem is cute. I just posted a laundry poem this week, too. We great minds certainly do think alike!

  4. I Hate laundry...it never ends...and no matter how much I do someone is always out of something...I think Soap NUTS is a perfect product for the task that is making ME nuts...lol.

  5. I really love doing laundry! I know, it's a sickness. It's just a feeling of satisfaction without being too labor intensive. Of course, I don't even own an iron, which helps. Very cute poem! I found you via SITS.

  6. Found you through SITS!! I'd love to find out firsthand how these soapnuts work!!

  7. Came through SITS. I HATE doing laundry. No, I guess I HATE putting it away!! Doing the washing isn't so bad and if I could just remember to put it in the dryer the same day that would be great too!! HAHA! I just finished doing about 10 loads with my sister's help but I still need to put some away, so I guess I'm NOT done; and I'll prob have 3 more loads to do tomorrow due to the evil laundry elf that likes to make me crazy!! Those 'lil soapnuts might be just the ticket to "go green".

  8. Okay, I've heard about soapnuts before, have a crazy relative that swears by them, but hey, she's crazy so I haven't really listened. Would love it give them a try...especially since Mount Washmore has taken over the hallway...we need repelling gear to use the bathroom.

    Reason I hate laundry? It NEVER ends! Just when I get caught up, it's waiting in the hampers...ready to swallow me whole.

  9. And can I tell you all that when I first won my free sample from them, I needed to wash my bathmat and it came out sooooo soft!

  10. i don't really have a problem with the act of doing laundry - i just hate that it's a never ending cycle of dirtiness! just once i would like to have every item of clothing that we own, clean, folded and put away - *sigh* - some dreams may never come true :) lol! - i found you through SITS, too!

  11. So... today's the big giveaway... who's excited?!

    I had my coworker pick 2 numbers between 1 and 9 (9??? That's all the interest I could generate in free soapnuts? Or were you all just not telling people about my blog because you wanted to increase your odds of landing the free soapnuts? That's it isn't it?) And she picked... (durmroll please)....
    2 and 8

    So lfamily5 and jessica g (hey in college i had a roommate with that name, but she's married now so her last name doesn't start with g anymore) please step right up (errr shoot me an email at biteofpunkinpie... at... yahoo... dot... com) with the address where I should send the soapnuts.

    And thanks everyone for entering my firstever contest!

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  13. OK, if you read the post I had written, please ignore it! I'm revising.... oh the learning curve of blogging, I'm a slow one for sure!

    GOOD NEWS!!! Lisa from Laundry Tree has GENEROUSLY offered to send all of you who commented a free sample of soapnuts! YAY!!!!!! You will all soon know the joy of super easy green laundering! Woohoo! She will contact each of you with the offer, so be looking for that.

    Also, lfamily5 and jessica g, you will still be winning my free samples so that means LOTS of laundry that you can do (hmmm... at least 3 loads from approx. 4 soapnuts, let's do the math, carry the 9, divide by the square of pi...) Yup, you can do at least 12 loads of laundry! Woohoo!!!!!!

    So, again, you two gals email me and I'll send you your winnings!

    biteofpunkinpie... at... yahoo... dot... com

    (I wonder how much laundry I'll get done this weekend!)

  14. Wooohoooo! I love winning stuff!