Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm a grownup???

I don't know what hit me today, browsing through my list of blogs I like to read, but something struck me... Ever since I got married at the tender age of 22 I've tread on thin ice feeling like I'm still a kid. Even now, I'm the mother of two sweet girls, I'll be celebrating 6 years of marriage (do the math), we've bought our own home, and our finances are sloooowly falling into line, but me? I feel like I have to live my life in fear, asking permission to do every thing, sneaking around to buy myself a skirt on clearance at Target for $3...

I can't remember which of my blogs over there ----> showed where her husband had built a fabulous trellis/planter box thingy. I thought to myself... when will I be grown-up enough that someone will build me a trellis/planter box thingy? Then I thought... wait... I can build my own ding-dang (love that phrase, thanks June!) trellis/planter box thingy. Mine might be a little more modest given it would be my first attempt, but my dad bought me a beautiful plant as a mother's day gift and it needs a bigger place to grow and it needs something to grow up. So, yeah, I think I'll build me a trellis/planter box thingy.

Hmmm... maybe the fact that I keep calling it a trellis/planter box thingy is why I feel like I'm not a grownup.

Ya think?

Oh, btw, dear readers... my latest 'help me find' is a size large (any color) tshirt with reference to the year 1978. That is husband's year of birth, and he's having a party with some of his friends, so I think he needs a 1978 tshirt. It doesn't have to JUST have 1978 on it. It could be a cool vintage band tshirt with reference to their 1978 tour or whatnot. So, if you see anything, are getting rid of something, or whatever, just let me know.

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