Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh, I have a funny story

/first lemme say i'm typing while i eat lunch, which means one-handed, which means no caps...

ok, they made a funny comment on sits about guys being welcome, but put the seat down- every time!!! and that reminded me of one of my funniest encounters wuth the seat up... well its funny now. then i was.... angry.

so husband and i were on our honeymoon... a 6 day cruise around the carribean type area. it was the first day/night/whatever and i excused myself to our little bathroom. now, i'm not a shy pee-er or anything like that... husband and i had dated too long to be shy about that stuff, anywho i went on in and the next thing i knew- splash- my butt had hit WATER! (had to cap that!) husband, in all his newly-married glory- had left the seat up. and, as it turns out, the shape of toilets on cruise ships is such that you can give it a glance before you sit down and it looks like the seat is down, but upon further investigation (with your butt) you find yourself in a very wet operation!

and, btw, what is it with guys and their toilet habits? why don't they put the seat back down? wasn't it down when they came in? didn't being a boy scout or something teach them to put things back where they found them? and don't they realize that if we sit 100% of the time and they sit 50% of the time that that means the MAJORITY of the time the seat needs to be down? furthermore, why can't they put the new roll of tp on the tp holder? why do they just set it on top of the old empty roll? i hate that.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, but you made a huge mistake! You didn't train your husband to sit down to pee before you got married! My father is a sit down pee'er cause my mamma made him to be one. So when I lived in sin with my husband, I made sure that he learned to sit and pee before we tied the knot. I'm a lucky gal!! lol

  2. Bwahahahaha!!! I never knew there was such a thing!

  3. Hi - I popped over from the SITS blog roll and wanted to weigh in on this post.

    All my guys sit to pee ... that is one husband, one twenty-six year old, one nineteen year old, one seven year old ... all males. My husband's mama made him sit, so they all sit. Oh, I have two girls that sit, too.

  4. the toilet paper roll sits permanently on top of the holder in the master bathroom. I just couldn't take the frustration anymore...thankfully, he does put the seat down.