Monday, June 2, 2008

what would you do?

I'm trying to enter the Nester's world of mistreatments. however, I don't want to spend a gazillion dollars to buy a bunch of fabric to cover the monstrosity of windows/sliding doors in my dining/living room area. What's a mom on a budget to do?

Let's see if I have any pictures of the window/door area in question....

so this is before we moved in and were in the midst of painting... so don't mind the mess... yes we still have those awful vertical blinds up because i don't know what to do!!!! they will likely stay up unless i can find super cute super thick super cheap fabric for my mistreatments, because this area faces west which makes it HOT in here w/o them closed (ha ha that sounded like Hot in Here take off my clothes)

this is oldest daughter and neice peering out those yucky blinds

this shows a pretty good shot of what the room looks like now except it was taken 2 christmases ago and its more focused on my mom and she's blinking... professional photographer i am not


  1. Hey :) I found your blog on SITS and thought I'd take a peek around. Hmmm wish I had advice on the window've got a huge job there!
    I'll surely be back!

  2. I was going to suggest using a pretty, inexpensive sheet but quickly realized a sheet isn't super thick. Hmm.

    Unless you have tons of adorable fabric stashed in a closet coming up with a window mistreatment on the fly isn't easy. Or inexpensive. lol I wish I'd just bought curtains for my dining room because I think I hate the mistreatment. :o/

  3. I found you through SITS...

    I am not sure I have a solution...but will offer a suggestion. What about going naked? We have blinds on our windows on the front of the house...but the back, nothing on any window. It faces the woods, so privacy is not an issue for us...but it lets in the light...and looks really nice if I do say so myself.

  4. thanks for the comments ladies! unfortunately, leaving the windows bare isn't a good option b/c we need something to cut down the HEAT of the sun since they face west. it really warms the room up if the blinds are open. they are such a monstrosity aren't they? we're actually thinking of changing the sliding glass doors into french doors, so that will help a lot.

    i'm thinking i'm going to have to wait for a hobby lobby coupon or sale and just go buy whatever fabric will coordinate with the room and chalk it up to an investment.

  5. Those vertical blinds are yucky, but really good at keeping the hot sun out. I was going to suggest waiting until the fabric store puts their decorator fabric on sale. I also scour thrift stores and garage sales and especially estate sales. I've found rolls of decorator fabric at these places before. I think your best bet is to find something on sale. There are lots of fabric internet sites that have clearance sections too. Alot of them will even mail you swatches for free.

  6. Good call on shopping online Heather... I'll have to do some googling!

  7. I am here via SITS Island. If you don't scrapbook, you certainly need to start because that middle picture is worth a layout right there!

  8. I have some advice. I have had the same problems in two homes that we have lived in. It sucks! The person who invented those stupid vertical blinds should be shot! Anyway-I have purchased two curtain rods-there is none that exist that are that long-then I went to Ross-I happened to find some curtains there that blocked the light quite nicely. But, if you go and they have nothing you can head over to wal-mart and get those light blockng drapes (the sometimes have these at ross for cheeper) then i went and found some cute sheets that i liked-I used the curtain clips to hang the sheets just cause I can't sew-if you can sew-even better. I have discovered though-in situation like this where you want cute and practical and you can't find the dark ones for cheep-get a doule rod for the light blocking ones and then the cute ones go on too-(sheet with clips) Wish that i had some pics to show you, but I can't find them. They did turn out super cute though! I found you from Sits-love the idea to make new friends!ps hope that this makes sense and I am not just a rambling idiot!