Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Stuff!

OK, I know you all love free stuff just as much as I do, but seriously, do NOT go over here and try to win this prize... because oldest daughter could really use something this fabulous to get rid of her extra energy, and if more of you enter, then my odds of winning decrease. ; )


  1. You are all entered! Good Luck!

  2. OOH! Free stuff? Gonna check that out!

    That black and white thing under the topiaries? Is a remenant of the fabric I used to recover my desk chair. lol It's not hemmed or anything. Raw edged fabric! I was going to hot glue a piece of fringe to the ends though. hee hee

  3. Now you know I gotta run go check it out, hehe... Thanks for the tip1 Susie H~