Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I'm working on...

So my actual JOB is keeping me very busy these days. As my 'about me' says, I'm an NFP teacher, teacher trainee to be exact, but I'm in the midst of completing my final exam. Its fascinating, incredibly difficult, and really has me in total awe of having NFP in my life. I can't imagine, comprehend our family planning going any other way. I don't say this to be judgmental, I say it because for better or for worse, learning, understanding, and teaching NFP has given me so much awe and wonder for the way that our bodies have been created, the way they work, the way that there are ANSWERS to the things that people (especially our culture's 'modern medicine') ignore, cover up, and destroy. I don't write this to be preachy. I write this because there is an amazing amount of mis-information being fed to our society and it sickens me and makes me hurt for those who believe it and allow it to become a part of their lives. Like I said, I can't imagine living that way because if I found out this TRUTH, I would be heartbroken. That's why I DO what I DO.

Two other things I'm thinking about, toying with, working on for my blog... those living room pictures I promised (maybe husband will help me get the living room clean so that I feel like I can actually share pictures!). I've also been reading two blogs (Mindless Junque and Pioneer Woman)each of which share fascinating stories of how they came to be with the loves of their lives (respectively). I'm enthralled. It has me thinking a lot about my LOVE and how we came to be, so I'm considering spending a little bit of time writing our story. I don't want to lose the details later on in life when my girls are old enough to ask about them. There's so far back that I'm considering needing to go in order to really explain it all, so I've got to figure out the story and edit it down to the message I really want to express.

So... stay tuned.

p.s. has anyone taken notice that one of my all time favorite reality shows, The Mole is about to come back on?! Cannot WAIT!

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