Friday, May 30, 2008


I am a bargain shopper. Love a bargain. Love.

In fact, I usually don't buy stuff unless its on sale. I don't have a huge budget for much of anything that we shop for, so bargain shopping is a bit of a necessity. But also a complete adventure. Imagine falling in love with a dress that is full price and wait wait waiting for it to go on sale and then POUNCING on it when its 50% off and they still have one in stock in your size! Oh the thrill...

so this is one of my latest bargains...

I got this shirt from Target. I wasn't even looking for anything like this, but who can't use a partial silk lightweight summery shirt that has 3/4 sleeves so you can wear it in the evening when it gets cool too? It was originally $18 and I got it for $4.89! YAY!! The THRILL!!!!


  1. Came over through Mindless Junque... Target make me so happy. This is such a cute shirt.

  2. I am a total on sale and need a coupon junkie! I need to stick to our budget but I make it a game and it is so fun!!! Congrats on the great deal!

  3. yeeesss!!! I have this shirt!!! I LOVE IT and i LOVE tarjee' lol sits surfer here!!!