Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bringing the pretty

My mentor in home decor, the Nester, is doing a FANTASTIC series about simple ways to address each room in your home, helping make it more beautiful, more functional, more liveable, more you. The one on Master Bedrooms really got me thinking, especially when she followed up w/a how-to beautify your bedroom on a budget. I was a woman on a mission.

The ideas she presented spoke to me. My bedroom needs to be my sanctuary. And it doesn't all have to be about spending a ton of money, finding what's 'in style', or even having to buy a bunch of stuff.

My goal in this project was to NOT spend a ton of money (for my birthday I had been given a gift card to Hobby Lobby, a little bit of money, and my mom had purchased me some sewing supplies to go with my new sewing machine). Some projects were in the works! And really, I'm putting myself all out there for you... my bedroom was a mess. It was the dumping ground for piles of laundry, shoes all over the floor, bed unmade... frump frump frump! So cleaning up and cleaning out was going to be a major part of this project... and here's the kicker... I had 1 day to do the majority of the work. I had taken a day off and while I COULD certainly spend more time on it (more time, more money, more STUFF)... I wanted to make this easy and simple. I knew this could all be a starting point and my mantra at Hobby Lobby was: you don't have to get that now, wait and see what you REALLY want in the room...

so, I present to you the before:

...I know. Its bad. All I can say is, I'm sorry.

And the after:

ahhhh.... OK, yes its just a starting point, but seriously? SO much better than the before, right? I bought the fabric for the comforter and curtains at Hobby Lobby, along w/a solid color sheet set at Target. Because I was doing this w/o husband knowing AT ALL what I was up to, I knew I needed to err on the side of caution with my fabrics and and not do any big floral prints. I knew there would be room for added touches of femininity as time went on. I hope to provide more posts later on as I finish out with a few more details.
For more information about bringing the pretty, and to gather some inspiration for so many others who are joining the Nester's party, click the button below...

Personal disclaimer: due to the nature of my project and the horrid mess I was starting with, my personal project took more than 10 minutes.


  1. I am sooo proud of you! We all have had our room look like your before photo {I think mine looks like that right now!} and it just makes the after look that much better!

    And you are the second person this week to use that beautiful tufted fabric on a mistreatment!

  2. oh sister sister sister...your before photo is our room right now! i hate my room and ever since your first post about redoing your room--i have been on a mission as well!!! can't wait to see more photos! keep on posting!

  3. Love your mistreatment...they make such a difference. Beautiful fabric too.

  4. I love your mistreatments! Your room turned out so pretty!

  5. My bed looks like yours every morning! I am trying to constantly make it, trying to form that habit, it is tough when I have been out of that habit for so long.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  6. We've all been there, for some reason I think the parents' room always becomes the dumping ground. I'm working on cleaning up my room too, you're right it should be a sanctuary!

  7. Your bedroom looks great. I love your window treatment. It is so glamorous!


  8. Your curtain panels are amazing - what a difference!

  9. Fabulous job on your drapes! You work fast lady. My master is a "must stay clean" area. No toys, no junk. My office is in my room, so it is my sanctuary, my place to hide away from the toys, video games blaring, and clutter. Makes you sleep better at night too! Great job on your re-do.
    Stop by and visit sometime. I am still reading all the link parties so forgive me for being behind!