Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It is time...

We are one of those families that doesn't have a large decorating budget for our home. Scratch that. We don't have any decorating budget for our home. I make or piece together a lot of the things that we use, or find things on sale or whatnot. Much of our furniture is that good ol' handmedown newlywed stuff. I'm totally ok with this. We are working hard to get out of debt which means that having a new couch is not a priority. But, that doesn't mean I want my house to look like trash. Like so many couples, we have left our bedroom as last. More often than not, it becomes the catchall for baskets of laundry that need to be put away, miscellaneous papers and books that husband hasn't sorted through, etc.

But I'm ready.

I'm ready to have a pretty bedroom. I know that I can't guarantee that it will always stay pretty and clean and neat. That just doesn't happen with a household that contains two parents who work full time outside the home and two toddler girls who haven't quite figured out how to always help with putting things away themselves (although older daughter IS learning).

We have new bedroom furniture, an anniversary gift to ourselves last year (yes I know it makes no sense to pick out nice pretty grown up bedroom furniture and not also buy nice pretty linens) and our walls are painted a really great shade of grey (that I love, but husband is getting tired of, although I'm certain if I can actually DECORATE the room he will love the shade again).

So I want to find something like this:

Its from anthropologie's Izak collection. The duvet is $200. Surely I can find something COMPARABLE (maybe not in quality, but in design) at a better price...

should I buy a plain comforter (the cheapest, plainest I can find) and attempt to make a duvet for it from fabric I can find at the fabric store?
should I buy a less cute print (not that I've found one) and try to pretty it up with other accessories in the room?
should I buy a solid color comforter and find some other accessories?


  1. sister we are reading eachothers minds!!! this is exactly what i spent my weekend thinking about-how our bedroom totally needs a makeover and i am READY! we also, have zilcho in the budget!
    check out overstock.com or places like that!

  2. Hi, I followed you over from a comment you left at Bye Bye Pie. Girl, you're really funny!
    We've left our bedroom til last as well, and just keep it hidden. I really like your duvet choice, a great balance between a man-acceptable colour and a girl-pleasing pattern. Will you add colourful throw pillows to brighten it up?

  3. Stopped over at the Nester (her comments) and just had to see what your decorating plans were! I vote to go with a cheap comforter with fabric you love. The bed is the focal point and if you love it, you'll love the room.