Thursday, July 24, 2008

Up to....

So, for any of you faithful watchers/readers (cue crickets chirping) who maybe missed me a tiny bit, I'm finally back... 3 days late and many dollars short, but oh well.

So much has happened in my life lately, so I'll give you a picture review with a little bit of commentary...

my sister moved into a new house (this is the new house)... my hubby dodged a bullet in helping with the moving by being out of town (the turkey)

i went over the first night to help wrangle her child and mine, and we had our priorities in order... get the tv set up first.

oldest daughter was very happy when husband came home from "going to see the alligators on the schoolbus" (they were in new orleans)

youngest daughter wasn't terribly impressed with any of it.

husband had his last days at work... here he's working on cleaning out his office

we celebrated the 4th by having a parade in my dad's neighborhood

youngest daughter wasn't terribly impressed with any of that either.

husband and i attended my 10 year high school reunion

this is me with my high school bf. we hadn't seen each other in about 2 years!

while getting ready for the reunion, oldest daughter did this.

if husband looks tired in that reunion picture, its because he was spending the weekend helping make this (plus a ton more) happen.

we had a fantastic lunch with oldest daughter's godparents (that's her godfather holding younger daughter) along with the priest who married husband and i

we also went to the lake with my mom and stepdad.

which youngest daughter obviously enjoyed very much

and oldest daughter loved doing this

so, that's a little peak into the last few weeks. stop by and leave me a comment so that i know that you loved this overload of pictures

EDIT: forgot to mention that this week I FINALLY started doing this:

it requires me to drag my lifeless body out of bed at 5:00 AM!!!!

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  1. first off..THANKS for finally sharing this i'm so excited! i will add you to my list of "daily reads".
    second..looks like you all have had quite a bit goign on lately! so much fun, i honestly can't belive how big your girlies are!
    thirdly..we have GOT to get together soon and catch up! taht little chat at McD's didn't do us justice :) great pics my friend! give hugs to the fam!