Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A family member of ours recently mentioned to husband that it was inappropriate for me to nurse youngest daughter in public. This person suggested that when we went to our family reunion a few weeks ago I ought to "do whatever you do when you send her to daycare" which for us means pumping as much as I can and supplementing with formula. The logistical NIGHTMARE it would be to pump and then feed youngest daughter the pumped milk and the suggestion/implication that I am ever indecent or anything other than discreet when I nurse was maddening.

Don't get me wrong. I respect that every parent has the RIGHT to decide how to feed their kids. I respect that some moms just aren't into bf'ing and that's OK. I'm not into a lot of things that are considered 'better' for my kids, and that doesn't make me a bad mom. I strive to do my best and I set my own priorities (well, I should say, we set our own priorities). The ability to breastfeed my daughter is a priority, both for her health and for our budget. I also WISH that other people would mind their own business about moms who breastfeed. And, not to get all preachy- but God designed our bodies to breastfeed our babies. It is the most NATURAL use of our breasts and it is NOT INDECENT. I do realize that there are some women who choose not to be very discreet when they nurse, and that isn't really my style (since the source of the breastmilk isn't exactly the most pleasing on the eyes these days!), but that's their business and the LAW supports them and says they don't have to do anything special for the sake of other's comfort.

So, to that family member who seems to think its their place to have an opinion on how, when, where, and what I feed my kiddos, I politely ask you to mind your own business. For all of you who have an opinion about breastfeeding, I give you this: (I didn't write this, I got it from here)
Would you nurse her in the park?
Would you nurse him in the dark?
Would you nurse him with a Boppy?
And when your boobs are feeling floppy?
I would nurse him in the park,
I would nurse her in the dark.
I'd nurse with or without a Boppy.
Floppy boobs will never stop me.
Can you nurse with your seat belt on?
Can you nurse from dusk till dawn?
Though she may pinch me, bite me, pull,
I will nurse her `till she's full!
Can you nurse and make some soup?
Can you nurse and feed the group?
It makes her healthy strong and smart,
Mommy's milk is the best start!
Would you nurse him at the game?
Would you nurse her in the rain?
In front of those who dare complain?
I would nurse him at the game.
I would nurse her in the rain.
As for those who protest lactation,
I have the perfect explanation.
Mommy's milk is tailor made
It's the perfect food, you need no aid.
Some may scoff and some may wriggle,
Avert their eyes or even giggle.
To those who can be cruel and rude,
Remind them breast's the perfect food!
I would never scoff or giggle,
Roll my eyes or even wiggle!
I would not be so crass or crude,
I KNOW that this milk's the perfect food!
We make the amount we need
The perfect temp for every feed.
There's no compare to milk from breast-
The perfect food, above the rest.
Those sweet nursing smiles are oh so sweet,
Mommy's milk is such a treat.
Human milk just can't be beat.
I will nurse, in any case,
On the street or in your face.
I will not let my baby cry,
I'll meet her needs, I'll always try.
It's not about what's good for you,
It's best for babies, through and through.
I will nurse her in my home,
I will nurse her when I roam.
Leave me be lads and ma'am.
I will nurse her, Mom I am

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