Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend plans... Maybe.

So here's how the weekend is going to shape up... Friday leave work and head to husband's home town for a family reunion (which takes place during the day Saturday). That evening we will be eating at the most fabulous Mexican restaurant, one I haven't been to in oh... probably 7 months... I can taste the HOMEMADE chips and guacamole right now! I can't remember if they sell beer/margaritas but if they do, I will totally be having one (or three) because that's what my week has been like. Saturday morning it will be out to breakfast at this totally cool quaint breakfast place and then taking the girls to see prairie dogs before the reunion. Sunday we will go to Church and probably have lunch with his family before heading home. (Cannot wait for this! Not that I won't have a good time at the reunion, but to be on the other side of it and at home and able to rest and do stuff I want to do is sounding really good)

So, Sunday evening/Monday & Tuesday (our daycare is closed all of next week- its a home daycare- so I'm watching the girls Tuesday) I plan to: finish painting a bookshelf that I MADE for oldest daughter. It is going to match a little desk that my dad built for her for Christmas. I also plan to paint my old rocking chair (which I gave her the previous Christmas) so that it will all match. Maybe. Maybe it needs to not match. Once I get the shelf finished I will see if the chair needs to match or not.

here she is sitting on it, Christmas morning... our first Christmas in our own Home!

My sister also gave me some of those little ledge-shelf-moulding thingys. Two of them that are an awful light oak color but I am painting them black. I've already painted the first one and it looks great but my spray paint ran out so the other one is still waiting. Maybe I'll be really cool and take a picture of the one that isn't painted and a picture of the one that is painted so that you all can come back and see them and oooh and ahhh over how fabulously I spray painted them and at how genius my decorating choice to paint them is/was. Maybe.

I've also decided to get to work (this will involve putting husband to work, so it will probably have to be on Sunday when he is home)on finally rearranging the living room. IF I post pictures of the 'after' (I won't post pictures of the 'before' because really its too horrendous to even admit to anonymously) you all have to promise not to laugh at how stained and horrid my couch is. Because, see, we are living frugally which means keeping this danged handmedown couch, and honestly, the Nester says I have to love my stained couch because its evidence that we live in our house. (well she put it more eloquently than that.) So... when we rearrange the living room I will be 1)hanging a really cool and funky quilt that my grandmother made on a wall (I tried to google and find an example of said quilt but alas, didn't find anything like it) and 2) trying to talk husband into 'letting' me paint this old door we have sitting in our garage in the way to hang as art. The Nester and another blog I can't remember right now did this and it is so cool. This is a plain (structurally) door so I will be doing it more like the other one. I think it is the blog on my list over there --> called silver circles. Anywho, hers was really cool because she painted it brown and then painted 1 Corinthians 13 in FRENCH on it in cream and then glazed it w/ gold! How cool is that?! I totally love the idea of putting words on my flat plain door, so I'll be brainstorming today and tomorrow for the perfect thing to write.

Speaking of which, isn't french just beautfiul? I could put my grocery list in french up and it would look LOVELY. I took 3 years of French in high school which culminated in me reading The Little Prince in french which was a TRIP! Did you know that Baobab in french is Baobab?! So, I guess not all things translate into something mysterious huh? Oh, and did you know when I googled Baobab to see how to spell it, that they are real things?! Here's a picture....

Isn't it interesting the way my 'to do' list seems so huge and totally not do-able? Kind of like the way tending the Baobabs in The Little Prince (or Le Petit Prince if you are cool like me ; ) seemed like too much? (isn't that the story line? at least for that part of the book?... yeah, I got a C my 3rd year of French which is why there wasn't a 4th year.)

Finally, my next post (Maybe.) will have lots of pictures. Yay!


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