Monday, May 5, 2008

Not so interesting

So apparently my musings here on my blog are not-so-interesting. Or maybe I'm not writing in such a way that invites comments, because my last few posts have not gotten any. So, I'm curious what you readers out there would like to know about me.


In other news, the weekend was not terribly interesting. Husband made a deliscious roast for dinner on Friday- so proud of him for that because by the end of the day my brain was way too fried to try to think of something to have for dinner. Saturday we took the girls to our town's Festival of the Child. It was really neat, but probably would have been more fun if 1)it hadn't been so darn windy and 2)oldest daughter (and youngest too) were a little older. Nonetheless, youngest daughter got to chill with mom in the hotsling while oldest daughter got to pet a bunny and a goat, talk to clowns, watch dad attempt to fly a kite (did I mention it was super windy?), make friends with a golden retriever 5 times her size, etc. It was a good time and boy did I enjoy some McDonalds afterwards! Have I mentioned (no, of course I haven't this is only like my 5th post on my blog)how much I LOVE the McDonalds' southwest crispy chicken salad?! mmmmmm. If you haven't tried one, go do it, because they are yum yum yummy!!!! Also, some of our friends' baby was baptized at Church this weekend, so we went to that and then to their house for brunch. How crazy is it that their 1 year old (my godson) is taller than my 2.5 year old?! See, husband and I are some short people! In fact, in her 4 month checkup, our youngest daughter was in the 10th percentile for height.

So, that was our weekend. Yay! Oh, and that laundry... still not done... so don't you know its multiplying?!


  1. It apparently was the weekend for festivals. We took our kids to the Shrimp Festival a few towns over on Saturday. It was nice- but HOT!

    I can't beleive you don't have cable OR internet at home. Are you AMISH?? ha ha

  2. Sometimes I feel that way. Honestly, its not a big loss for us. Like I said, we watch plenty of network tv in the evenings, and I practically live on the computer at work, so its nice to not be on it at home, not to mention I hardly get my housework done as it is. If I got to be on the computer all the time at home my house would be even more of a mess!

  3. Can I be so bold as to respond to this? My advice is more visual appeal. I've been reading everything, but I find that people (me included) like some pictures to go along with it. Your post showing your family was really nice, but I understand your apprehension. I had the same concerns. However, it was nice seeing everyone. :) I hope your comments increase!

  4. Comments? I sometimes get 8 or 10, and then some days I get 0. Weird. The key is a mystery. Why not add a site counter so that you can see how mwnay people are visiting silently?