Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my awful living room... HELP!

i'm so lost on how to arrange my furniture in my living room... so i'm seeking input. i 'drew' a rough layout of the room (architecturally speaking) and i'm including a few pictures of the room (note: the furniture in these pictues is NOT mine- i don't have that bad of taste! these are pictures from when we bought the house... oh, and for what its worth we have new carpet, paint, and light fixtures in there too)


  1. hi there! I'd love to help...but need to know what furniture you do have. :-) can you post pics or descriptions of the major pieces you have?

  2. maybe its too small to read, but my furniture list is in the yellow box in the drawing... here's what it says (basically)

    furniture i need to use in the room: overstuffed(oversized?) couch, oversized chair and ottomoan, recliner, tv stand

    furniture i want/can use in the room: bookshelf (built as a birthday gift for me by my dad... its really beautiful), 2 black wire end table things (not the same size or shape), rocking chair (also built for me by my dad), hope chest (which i was thinking about trying to use as a coffe table in front of the couch some way)

  3. I would love to help, but I'm so visual that I have to be physically moving the furniture around. Yeah, it takes me about two days to rearrange a room. Papa Bear LOVES it when I announce that it's time for a change.

    I love this song.

  4. I think you might just be the most organized person in the United States! I too feel like i need to be there.

    Is there a certain place that your TV must go? Can you put it with your fireplace--on the same wall or is there not room for it? The fireplace is usually the focal point but also, if the room will be used for TV watching lots then you'll need to keep that in mind too!

    two things I think work well it either to put both focals together {TV and fireplace} or on opposite walls and have the seating perpendicular to both. Clear as mud? I thought so!

  5. Seeing as how we live where its hot 84% of the time, we don't really use our fireplace (unless there is an ice storm that knocks our power our for three days), but we don't really want to put anything in front of it, since architecturally it is the focus of the room. So, we were thinking of putting the tv next to the built in bookshelf so that all focus could go in that direction BUT we don't want to put the couch up against the wall b/c the couch would cover the ac vent (which would be bad b/c of the hotness) so I'm trying to be brave enough to arrange my funiture w/o pushing everything against the wall which is basically what i do all the time. I should be brave, huh?