Thursday, May 1, 2008


When I get ready in the morning I have only one thing that is negotiable... who drops off the girls. If it is my day to drop off the girls, I prefer to leave the house by 7:45 in order to get to daycare by 8:00 which hopefully puts me in my office by 8:17. That's how things went before youngest daughter was born. Because of this fabulous schedule I was able to participate in a carpool with two other ladies I work with who live two blocks away from me. Since youngest daughter was born, I have not honestly participated in the carpool one single bit. Considering we live 7 miles away (I know that's not tooooooo far, but its far enough) from my work, it would be nice to get back on that schedule.
Since I came back from maternity leave, this is how my morning goes:
5:30 first alarm goes off. Begin nursing youngest daughter, start to doze off.
5:59 second alarm goes off. realize i fell asleep while nursing and haven't switched sides yet, switch sides and nurse for 12 more minutes
6:12 give youngest daughter to husband and get in the shower
6:25 get out of shower and wonder if i'll ever be remotely skinny again ever in my life. apply tanning body lotion (because tan fat looks better than white fat)
6:30 begin drying hair (which wakes up oldest daughter, who usually comes to the bathroom door and tells me to be quiet- she's 2)
6:45 finish drying hair, begin applying makeup and looking for something that a)fits and b)helps me look professional, modest, and my age (which is 28 in case you were wondering)
7:00 head to kitchen to get something for breakfast. realize the ants are back in our kitchen and begin spraying entire sink and counter down with all purpose bleach cleaner
7:05 have a few brief moments of silence for the poor dead ants (yeah right) make malt-o-meal with peanut butter and syrup (and wonder again if i'll ever be skinny)- fold a load of clothes in the dryer while waiting for water to boil for malt-o-meal, throw oldest daughter's frozen waffle in the toaster
7:10 sit down to eat
7:17 finish eating, pick up youngest daughter from swing and begin nursing again
7:37 realize i'm running extremely low on time, dress youngest daughter, grab diapers and pullups to refill diaper bag, then go to kitchen and get bottles and previous day's pumped milk ready to go
7:44 dress oldest daughter, brush her hair, we both go brush our teeth
7:50 have husband help me get the girls loaded in the car, make 3 trips back inside for oldest daughter's forgotten sippy cup, pumping supplies, and diaper bag
8:03 arrive at daycare and proceed to have a 7 minute conversation about how much my daughter eats compared to another baby, what the weather will be like, and how oldest daughter is always such a good girl
8:29 arrive at work not terribly early like i like which means i don't have time (again) to run by starbucks

so, how desperate is this schedule? and why can't i get it through my head all of the things that i should be getting prepared the night before?

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