Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Within my reach...

... so in a past post, I mentioned some job questions that have come up for me, and since I keep this blog fairly anonymous (not to mention that my boss knows about this endeavor of mine)... I'm putting it out there... for the sake of asking prayers, support, advice, etc.

I want to be a teacher. I have always wanted to be a teacher. My journey has not yet led me to that place. When I went away to college my life was personally in a total upheaval and so I 'upheaved' it right back by changing my 'safe' major of English, to something less steady, yet more personally fulfilling.. Theology.

I've worked for the Church for the past 8 years and have learned a lot and grown a lot. I can't even begin to describe the ways I've been blest. But our family situation dictates that a change is needed and me pursuing this dream (teaching) fits.

Finding a way to break into the teaching field is a whole other story though. Budgets are being cut while standards are being raised, and getting myself certified (I really am CERTIFIABLE ha ha) was showing itself to be 100% completely necessary. The route of finding an office job in a school and then working my way into a classroom became a clearly closed door (just for the record, it is RIDICULOUS how little a public school secretary gets paid... we're talkin' food stamps here.)... we just wouldn't be able to swing that financially.

It was starting to look like going back to school and doing a second Bachelor's degree in English might be my only option, so I started researching programs, online degrees, night classes etc. and while I do have a love of English, grammar (not that you can tell from my quickly written and rarely edited posts here), and literature, going back to school was not very appealing. A necessary evil, basically. (Let me point out here, that I'd love to go back to school someday, but would prefer not to wait until at least my kiddos aren't so little!)

Well, a sudden thought came to me that I should get in contact with someone at our state department of education and look for some professional advice on the best choice available to me. The man I wrote to emailed me back today and gave me the biggest piece of hope I've had in a while... the potential that a letter from my university acknowledging that my Theology degree could qualify me to test for alternative certification in social studies!!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited this makes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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