Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have 4 days to come up with 2 wedding gifts. The couple I intend to give them to are very sweet and dear friends of ours and I want to give them something personal (i.e. I want to make them something)... I mean... anybody can go grab them a Target gift card or run to BBB and grab them some wine glasses from their wedding registry, right?

I've done several Lorelai aprons from the book A is for Aprons, so I may do one of those (maybe w/matching potholders???

That's the only idea I've been able to come up with.

And seriously, these are close friends of ours... husband is a groomsman and oldest & middle daughters are flower girls in their wedding.

So... if you've got/seen a stellar tutorial online w/some amazing homemade wonderful-ness that would be perfect for some superfun abouttobenewlyweds... hit me up with some LINKS!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


  1. What about making a monogram sign or pillow? Or doing some kind of of raised, framed monogram using a goodwill frame and a plywood letter from Hobby Lobby that is covered in a pretty fabric or scrapbook paper? if you did a solid letter and mounted it on top of a fabric backing, it would be pretty.

    Pillow---sewing the case, print out a template to trace on and the acrylic paint. Stuff, sew closed and viola....

    What's this baby tracker? I thought yall were done?

  2. never got around to deleting it from #3

  3. If you did get wine glasses, you could get them engraved with the couples names and the wedding date - I have given that with a nice bottle of wine before, for them to drink on their first anniversary. It turned the gift into a special keepsake that got used regularly and reminded the couple of their day.

  4. ugh I hate bed bath and beyond registries. My favorite registry that I have seen so far was one for my college roommate at myregistry.com because she filled it with lovely items from crate & barrel, surlatable, and etsy but the worst was BBB - looked boring!!! I would just get them a generous gift card? The Target gift card is the way to go then! :)