Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bento Bento Bento

Just a Girl had a list of links and one of them that I checked out was this great blog...

the goal: HEALTHIER lunches for your kiddos... the kind that they will actually eat, mind you.

why it works: We all know that toddlers/preschoolers tend to be grazers. They love to snack rather than sit down for a giant meal (at least that's how my 2 older girls are)... so, to me, this idea meets that preference and at the same time fills their bellies w/healthy attractive meals that will keep them fueled through their busy days. I'm no pro yet. I don't have fancy egg shapers or anything like that, but I finally remembered to take a picture of one (I bought the gladware disposable divided containers and they fit PERFECTLY in older daughter's lunch box)...

what's for lunch for her today?

~1 boiled egg (she would eat her weight in these if she could)

~1 slice of american cheese (it's under the juice box... usually we have string cheese, but momma needs to pick that up at the store)

~1 apple juice box

~2 big cut up strawberries (she's picky w/fruit, so we will see how this goes

~a handful of whales crackers (whales are Target's version of goldfish)

my other lunch tip... oldest daughter loves to get a 'special note' in her lunch each day (sometimes I have trouble thinking of something)... but to multi-task, I buy colored beverage napkins (you can usually find fun ones on clearance at Target) and write the note on the napkin w/different colored sharpies... fun!


  1. I love the note idea and don't feel bad I have a small amount of bento supplies too.

  2. I love it! My collection built up over time. Do you have a Dollar Tree nearby? I found really cute bear shaped picks in their baby shower section, kind of with all the other party supplies.

    Thanks so much for linking up today!

  3. my daughter loves the notes too...especially if I can give her one like "u r gr8" she thinks it's a secret code!

  4. Stopping by from What's For Lunch Weds. Love the whale crackers! I wish my girls would eat hard boiled eggs. I do have the egg shapers and still no

  5. That is so sweet about the note. I write them to my boys occasionally .