Saturday, January 30, 2010


It seems the one thing that husband and I are REALLY good at... is starting projects and not finishing them... Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of projects around our house that we HAVE completed and usually the hang-ups to completion are my two friends Time and Money.

However... if there's one thing we've got going for us it is elbow grease. We are both hard workers, just easily distracted (i.e. overwhelmed) by the busy-ness of life.

If there's one more thing we've got going for us, it's that having a third kiddo in our house in the next month (MONTH!!!!?!) will not take long to pose some space issues and the reality that we need to find an affordable home with more space is looming before us.... thus having this house prepared to be sold is going to be taking more of our attention...

Since I managed pretty well with my new year's resolution (one sewing project per month... I know I at least averaged out to that even if there wasn't one project completed each month) I thought I'd write a list of projects I'd like to see us work on. Obviously those time & money fools will play a part in how much of this list gets completed, but seeing us work through this list will also provide more motivation to complete the rest of it...

without further ado (i.e. blabbering)... and in no particular order...

1)finish master bath (counter & shower were tiled over Christmas break, need to do floors, walls, figure out mirror situation, install vent, paint woodwork, accesorize)

2)guest bath (new tub, tear out wood paneling, repaint walls, new vanity, new floor)

3)countertops in kitchen (just replace with something neutral, decent looking and affordable)

4)PUT UP SHED (this one has been a thorn in my side b/c we purchased this shed 19 months ago and it has been sitting in boxes in our garage ever since. meanwhile our lawn mower is currently sitting outside w/6 inches of snow on top of it. how does this make any sense?)

5)flooring (we replaced the carpet in the house about 2 years ago, but it is looking B-A-D. would LOVE to put some sort of wood- even fake- down through the kitchen, dining, living, & hallway. bedrooms will be fine as-is)

6)paint woodwork (this is one of those pie in the sky dreams for me. i think it would be time consuming but would go a long way in updating the look of the house.)

7)new garage doors... enough said

8)put up a screen door w/our backdoor (while it would be amazing too replace the sliding doors with french doors, it just isn't something i'm interested in putting money on)

9)make curtains (mistreatments) for living/dining room. the blinds are necessary but ugly. let's bring on the pretty

10)replace living room furniture (we've had handmedowns since we got married and it is time to be grown ups and buy some stinking furniture. one couch and one recliner. that's all i'm asking for... and maybe an entertainment center of some kind)

whew! that's it. that's my list. only 10 things... not too shabby. of course, some of those are pretty expensive projects and it is going to take some thinking on how we're going to be able to afford some of those projects BUT the goodnews is that we can do a lot of the work ourselves (along with help from knowledgeable family) and our goal with all of this is not to have a high dollar makeover but just to update our house so that it really is ready to sell.

... let's see where this list is in 2011!

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