Saturday, December 12, 2009

back to sick...

We were doing SO well... we're one week away from oldest daughter and husband being out of school for the year. Getting to that point... that goal... it meant having just enough sick leave saved up for maternity leave... it meant not needing to take any more time off of work this calendar year... it meant not spending more money on co-pays, prescriptions, pedialite, and ramen... it meant we were all well and despite anything else that could have been going wrong in our lives, we had our health which is the most important thing...

... but little one woke up this morning and threw up. Immediately she was fine, running around playing with her sister and her cousin and not having a care in the world. I THOUGHT it might have been a fluke... unfortunately it wasn't. After lunch and during the afternoon nap whatever is ailing her decided to hit her hard. A fever all afternoon and she has thrown up more times than I can count now. There's an odd disturbance that comes with having a sick kiddo... the cuteness (not sure what else to call it) of their sick weak voice and their desire for cuddles, the helplessness as they need you to help with everything (whether it's changing them, getting them a drink, or literally helping through the act of throwing up), the weakness of their bodies, the heat a fever generates... it's enough to make a mommy weary. I was asked if I was going to take her to the doctor. My response was, "for what? a fever and some throwing up that has been going on for 12 hours?". I'm not sure when parents started taking their kiddos in to the pediatrician for every sniffle, and I hope I'm not jinxing anything by saying (writing)this, but I think we can tough out a little tummy bug without having it diagnosed as such by our pediatrician for a $25 copay (not that I'm complaining... about my access to health insurance OR our WONDERFUL pediatrician). I just hate for her sake that she's sick again and I hate the un-planned pause our lives are forced to take when we go through something like this.

I hope tonight boasts a miraculous recovery.

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