Tuesday, August 25, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things...

ok, once again I am stealing a blog post idea from June, who technically stole it from Oprah, who is rich and can afford for both of us to steal from her, so it's no big deal, right?

Here are a few of my favorite things:

we use T-Mobile for our cell service, and have been with them for 7 years now. We've always loved their service and coverage, and while I'm not a techno-savy kinda' kid, I do love me some texting. Husband researched phone options when I was in the market for a new one, and came up with this: it is the Samsung Gravity and it has a slideout keyboard that works great. While the teal/white one is prettier, the idea of cleaning makeup off of my while cell phone was not at all appealing. Very happy with this phone!

Sharpies... who doesn't love sharpies?! They are a staple in our household, either for labeling school supplies or party cups or even for general artwork by my 3 year old.... can't say enough good things about Sharpies!

This is the new line of OPI nail polish called 'Nicole' and it is I guess the 'cheap version' of OPI. The one I have is the one on the left, and I'm told in one of my mommy magazines that this kind of coppery/silvery/taupe shade will be very 'in' for the fall. Y'all know that is probably like one of my number one concerns- do I have this year's 'it' nail polish shade? This one is called "It's Possible" and looks great on. My only warning is to get a GOOD clear top coat, b/c the quality isn't quite the same as regular OPI. Still very pretty!

These are my current sunglasses. I do not believe in spending big bucks on sunglasses, and these are from Target. I do not know which brand, but I do know they were less than $10. I really love the look, since I have a big-ish forehead, I feel like a larger pair of sunglasses helps balance it all out. Seriously folks, unless you have serious vision problems that REQUIRE your sunglasses to be expensive prescription versions, please step off your high horse and get thee to Target (or yes, even Walmart) and find yourself a cute inexpensive pair. My sunglasses always last at least a year, which is well worth the price in my opinion.


  1. My favorite thing? Snarky comments on Bye, Bye, Pie.

  2. My favorite thing right now is Chocolate Motherlode Cake.
    I just love the pregancy widget, congrats!