Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a little sumpthin, sumpthin...

Be prepared for overload of my usual stream of consciousness ramblings ahead:

I'm such a neglectful blogger lately. Scratch that. I'm such a neglectful everything lately. I'm going to a wedding on Friday and need a gift for the happy couple. My issues were: 1)I like to give unique gifts, 2)I don't have a huge budget, 3)I need to meet a monthly sewing criteria for my new year's resolution.

The result:

this handtowel

and this apron

They match the fiestaware that the happy couple registered for (that I'm not buying). I'm thinking of finding a little whisk or spatula or something to throw in with it all.

CK, your throw pillows are next! I'm trying to get inspired for something really cute. I guess it would be good if I actually GO and LOOK for fabric, huh?

Oh, and this is the Lisa Leonard's Design necklace that my sister and I ordered for my mom (nanny is what our girls call her)

Finally, a picture of my girls, my neice, and my cousin's 2 girls and little boy (the first little boy we've added to our huge mix of girls) (this was taken way back on Easter weekend)

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  1. oh i am SO impressed!!!! she will love what you have made for her! and i think it is the perfect gift, it will mean so much more that you made it for her. see you friday night!!!