Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 & unwrapped

Pop quiz:

Today I'm:

a)hosting a giveaway

b)participating in chatting at the sky's Tuesdays unwrapped (which technically was Monday evening unwrapped)

c)celebrating my 100th post

d)all of the above


take your time to think about this one.


a)the giveaway: my friend ck suggested i do a giveaway that involved me doing a sewing project and I decided to take her advice. I will make 2 throw pillows for the lucky winner in the color scheme of your choice. all of this is 'within reason'. I'm not going to go out and buy $500/yd fabric, but I WILL make you 2 very pretty pillows. Promise.

Here's the details: if you want to enter to win 2 free throw pillows made by yours truly, leave me a comment with 1)something you've enjoyed reading on my blog AND 2)a description of the colors you'd like in your 2 throw pillows. You need to leave me some way to get in contact with you, so if you have a blog, leave me a link, if you don't make sure I have your email address.

Finally: one entry per person PLEASE! comments taken through Friday April 24th noon CST.


b)Emily from Chatting at the sky is hosting Tuesdays unwrapped... just a little glimpse into every day life. Last night, husband had a soccer game late in the evening and I was a little frantic about having the girls at home by myself for the third night in a row. So, we decided to make things easy by having sandwiches, bananas and cheese crackers for dinner and just playing in our backyard. Our backyard is not fancy and will never be featured in a magazine (unless its the 'don't' type of illustration), but it has come a long way since we first bought this house 3 years ago. We haven't oured a ton of money into it, but every summer it gets a little better and it is now finally safe enough and has the appropriate toys for my girls to have some fun playing... here's a picture:


c) and finally, yes I am celebrating my 100th post. I know I don't have a big following like some of my favorite bloggers- June from byebyepie, PW of Pioneerwoman, Nester from the nesting place... but I really didn't start this blog as some sort of popularity contest. Its really just a glimpse into my life that I hope I'll be able to keep up so that my girls can see what my life is all about. So, here's to the next 100 posts!!!


  1. CONGRATS on the 100th post!!! first of all i love the digital photo collage you made! did you create yourself or use a program? curious.
    secondly...YIPEE for the giveaway! i'm sooooo excited!
    well to answer your questions:
    1. the main reason i began to follow you is that we are old friends and we have a bit of a connections..ya know, the PC connection. so i wanted to be sure you and i kept up on the happenings of eachother so i'm most definetly a follower! one thing i love to read in your blogs in your HONESTY, it doesn't matter what it is, your faith, your family, yourself, you are honest and that's what makes reading your postings so much fun!
    2. hummmm colors should i win the drawing--ok i would want them for my living room couches, and they are red micorfiber suede, and our wall colors are like a dark egg shell, and we accent with black. so i'll let you pick! i hope i win...but i really hope lots of people post to you on here as well!

  2. I'm glad I showed up for the 100th post milestone!! Wouldn't you love to have a "Southen Living" kind of yard? I'm with you,... most of the time I worry about my kiddos falling on rocks or down the steep hill in the backyard or rolling something or someone down the steep hill on the street in front of our house! We finally got a cheap set of deck furniture (just to get us through the summer) and I'm certain most of my kids will just have nubs in place of fingers come September (the chairs are adjustable and move entirely too easily)!

  3. Congrats on making it to 100!! Awesome. Thanks for sharing your moment. I love that you turned your anxiety of being home with your kids alone for the 3rd night in a row into something fun and easy. Great job. Thanks for linking up!

  4. 100 posts under your belt now. looking back isn't it nice to have that in writing?

    sweet pictures.

  5. Here's to 100 more.

    I followed you back from twitter. 'Cause you said it was 93 degrees so I came to stick my tongue out at you. It's such a grown-up behavior and oh-so-flattering.

    93 is warm, but I would do just about anything for my world to be green again. I can't look at wintery trees another day! I need leaves. I need grass. I need... oh anything except bare, nekked winter trees.

    Your give away sounds labor-intensive. I am so stinkin' impressed.

    Send some green my way, please. :)