Thursday, February 26, 2009

a few little things i've been up to...

remember that whole "new years resolution" thing? well, i've managed to keep up with one of them... the one about sewing at least one thing a month. boy do i love having a sewing machine! (not to mention do i love you, dear reader, for not getting on my case about my current disdain towards capital letters, since we know they slow me down)...

but i digress...

i triple pink puffy heart my sewing machine!!!!!!!

(here we are on christmas morning)

so (or sew) first i made a quilt front as a gift for a woman here at work (sidenote: 3 women in my building have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 9 months. CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!)... when it is finished it will be a prayer quilt. another woman here at work is going to do the back and whatnot, and then individual threads will be pulled through where each of the corners meet up and the quilt will be taken around our building and indviduals will tie a knot in the thread while saying a prayer for her.

next, i made her some burp cloths (she is 8 months pregnant) as a shower gift (i think they turned out pretty cute)

and finally, another friend is having her 30th birthday this weekend and recently started as a counselor, so these throw pillows are to cheer up her drab and handmedown furniture office...

so... fun stuff!


  1. ooooooooooooh girl you are good! you want to sew for me don't you?? i know you do!!! you secretly want to make me something fabulous for my office too!
    by the way...the quilt is the sweetest most amazing thing i have ever heard of! i am so proud of you and your office buddies! that is so great!

  2. look at you go! i got the same machine for christmas. mine hasn't gotten near as much use though.