Friday, November 14, 2008

Momma, I sick.

It all started a week and a half ago when I started feeling achy at work, only to get the taletell signs of a UTI (tmi I know. good thing I hardly ever get anyone reading this bloggity blog blog) Then, last Thursday, husband came home feeling tired. The next thing we knew he was spending the majority of the evening bowing down to the porcelin gods (so to speak). The next day he drags his booty to school anyway and half-heartedly makes it through the day. I went and picked the girls up at daycare, and the oldest had just puked about 5 minutes prior. LOVELY. I had tried to write off husband's puking as food poisoning, but then it was clear we had a stomach virus. That evening, I never actually got sick but was utterly exhausted all evening. I just camped out on the couch with oldest daughter and slept most of the night and next morning away. By Sunday morning I hadn't really been sick and younger daughter hadn't been sick either and I thought we were home free. Oh contraire! Younger daughter proceeds to puke all over me as we get home from having lunch after church. LOVELY... I was convinced I was next. So, I took Monday off to keep her home and give her time to recover and continued on with my week. Well, I got a call again today from our daycare provider that oldest daughter said she didn't feel good. Low and behold, she's running a 100.1 fever now.


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  1. oooooooooooh i feel for you!!! i hate passing around a bug like that! we did it a month ago and it's no fun! hope you all are feeling better soon! and missy...i read your blog daily! so keep on keepin' on!