Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This past Monday was my oldest's 3rd birthday!
We celebrated on Saturday (and Sunday and Monday) with a party at a farm (complete with Carousel ride, train ride, presnts, cupcakes, petting zoo, and an animatronic singing pig).

The next day, husband's family came by with presents.
Monday was a great day w/ a trip for the family to have donuts,

some toy shopping at walmart (what else do you do at 8 in the am in my small town) getting manicures,

bringing lunch to dad, mommy-kiddo lunch tradition at McDonald's,
and home for some movie time.
Dinner was at Johnny Carinos where we had a very big ice cream sundae. A good long weekend for a very happy, beautiful, smart, and fun 3 year old!

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  1. YEAH birthday girl!!! congrats on turning 3!!! she's adorable you guys! what a fun fun family tradition of a day you made for her! wonderful parents!