Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm such a mistreater

so I didn't have any bright ideas when the nester was doing her big mistreatment party... but last week a bright idea finally came to me! my youngest daughter's bedroom is kind of a temporary room. it is our hope when she's a little bigger that the girls will share oldest daughter's room, so despite husband's complaints, i've resisted painting the 'nursery'. so how do you incorporate grey walls into a nursery? well, we went with a ladybug theme, using some bedding and wall decor from target combined with red bumper and red gingham w/a few bright green accents. the curtains were a question for me because i don't like buying a whole bedding set and being completely matchy-matchy. i like for things to coordinate but not match, if that makes sense. so i bought some great fabric

and had my mom make some simple curtains.

accept i didn't really measure first

and i wasn't very happy with how it all turned out.

so i went to work revamping the curtains using a long sheer, some thumbtacks, some ribbon, and some binder clips (and yes that is really my supply list. i did not feel like going out to buy official decorating things, so this is what i had and it WORKED!)

after fluffing and tucking and pinning and binding (turns out you can take the silver prong off of the binder clip after you've fixed it into place, so on my black fabric you can BARELY see the binder clips... see:)

and came up with this

which means i am now officially a member of the Nester's mistreatment club... YAY!


  1. great job! thanks for your comment today.

  2. Those look fantastic! I really like the layers of fabric. Great job!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. i LOVE them! you are so talented! do you travel? i would pay you!