Saturday, September 20, 2008

deep thoughts

so, its way too late to be thinking these things... but i am.  here it is 11:11pm on a saturday night and i SHOULD be asleep.  i'm thinking about IKE.  ya know the hurricane, not tina's ex or the dwight's nickname.  i'm thinking about the tremendous amount of loss, the heartache, the suffering, everything...  things that happened just one state away from me.  'they' were predicting that the remnants of ike were heading straight our way (but barely did), so we dodged a bullet.  kind of literally.  the damage and destruction were just horrific and so widespread.  i know people, people i have met in real life, who are sitting at home right now with no electricity.  

but has my life changed one single bit as a result of ike?  no.  honestly, no.  don't get me wrong, i stay informed about what has been going on, i pray for all of those effected.  but my world has not been impacted directly.  and this is such a paradox to me.  that there are people only one state away, people whose homes are floating in the gulf of mexico.  people who stand in line to get water.  people who will not ever get to go back 'home'.  

how is it that our world is so small-  there could be people reading this measly little blog on the other side of the world
yet we are so distanced from each other- that me being one state away results in my life not being changed at all.

so, i guess the question is, if my life has not been directly impacted, how can i change my life? at the very least so that those who are suffering might have that suffering alleviated some small bit...

i'll be thinking on this.

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