Saturday, August 23, 2008

Speaking of Aprons...

This is what my shirt looks like today (shirt is brown, wild print is my skirt).. I'm at work, wearing a shirt that looks like THIS!

'Why?' you ask... because husband had a cross country meet this morning at 9, but had to be out of the house by 7:30, meanwhile I have a marriage preparation program here at work and had to be out of the house at 7:15. The girls allowed us to sleep in until 5:55!!! That left me about an hour to: nurse youngest daughter, take a shower, fix my hair, do my makeup, get dressed, make scrambled eggs for oldest daughter, pour her juice, dress youngest daughter, get everyone to sit down and eat, load up the box of clothes that I'm taking to the big consignment sale this afternoon, and about a dozen other things I can't think of. This mommy thing is exhausting, I tell you. It has PLENTY of rewards, but one of the rewards is not that I hardly even noticed that I got scrambled (uncooked) egg all over my shirt and didn't have anything else ready to change into. So, I'm entering this contest in the hopes of winning a super-pretty apron to keep this from happening in the future. Please DON'T (wink wink) go enter, because you might win instead of me =)

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