Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well I realized that I rambled on and on about tv yesterday and didn't even explain fully our situation. See, we don't have cable. Yeah I know I'm the only person in America without it, but see, we've got a few reasons...

Once upon a time (when husband and I were newlyweds) we had cable, in fact when we were engaged and I was still finishing school, husband had the super million channel digital cable right when it first came out... he was a super cool bachelor let me tell you! Anywho after we got married we had cable and I was only working part time so I found myself at home lovin' me some TLC and whatnot. But, that's where some of those lazy laundry habits and whatnot came about. I'd watch hours of wedding story, baby story, what not to wear, trading spaces etc. But did I bother to throw a load of laundry in during the commercial breaks? Nosirree! I didn't do dishes either. See that domestic blood does not run strong with me. So, when we realized our budget needed a major overhaul, cable was one of the first things to go. The ol' rabbit ears work surprisingly well and our very favorite shows come on in the evenings on the network stations.

Oh, and what are those favorite shows? They include: Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Amazing Race, Boston Legal, DWTS, ANTM, Notes from the Underbelly (what happened to that? has it been renewed after the awful writer's strike? Note to self: need to go google that) and we fill in around that with various kid movies (oldest daughter's favorites are: Veggie Tales, Elmo, Blue's Clues, Thomas, and Little People) and PBS (we've been watching an interesting documentary about the life of military personnel on an air craft carrier).

So, no cable for us.

In other news: the 3 loads of laundry are not done, but are getting closer, oldest daughter broke a bottle of nail polish on our tile floor in the dining room (for you domestic types, will bleach get the nail polish out of the grout? because nail polish remover worked for the tile but not the grout), had a continuing battle with ants (we've had Orkin out last week which made said ants leave the kitchen but now they are in: master bathroom, guest bathroom, OLDEST DAUGHTER'S BED!!!) and made a fabulous dinner of goulash.

So, that was my evening.

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  1. You CRACK me up! I make a list of things to google every day, by the way. Thank goodness I'm not the only one. :o/

    Isn't that carrier show on PBS great? My husband spent 2 years on the USS Nimitz (the carrier they are focusing on) so it's been fun for him to "relive" those days. And thank God he'll never be on a ship again. lol