Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So our family is full of some TV addicts. We seriously love our tv, and last night was no different... we settled in for Dancing with the Stars (which ironically enough took up enough time that we did not conquer those last 3 loads of laundry... hmmmm.). Now it would be only appropriate if we passed on our fine skills of tv watching to our daughters, but seeing as how the youngest one can't even see from the recliner to the tv yet, we focus mainly on the older daughter. So as we watched DWTS (oooh she has her own abreviations for semi-interesting reality shows) oldest daughter ran to her room to get her easter dress and then made my dear husband go change clothes. The get-up he came out in was: khaki slacks, his house shoes, a grey sleeveless tshirt, a yellow tie, and my black hoodie. Its a classic look really. And so they danced. And as they danced my adorable daughter would yell "DAAAAAAAAAANCE" which would scare the younger daughter causing her to bobble around a bit on my lap. It was all quite funny and I managed to catch some of it on my husband's cell phone. If anyone gets around to start reading my blog and knows anything about uploading videos from cell phones to blogs let me know and I'll add it in. For now, you'll have to leave it all up to your imaginations (which really can't be as funny as what it actually looked like).

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  1. Welcome to blogland! I'm new too. So I had to comment. Not to mention you were blogging about one of my favorite things. TV! I'm not ashamed. I watch way too much of it. lol I haven't bothered with DWTS this season though. I didn't really know any of the stars and it's on the same time as Little People Big World on TLC. I love that show! Their house is so messy it makes me feel like the cleanest girl EVER!